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Shawn plays solo numerous nights a week playing cover tunes spanning all genres for all audiences.  Specializing in upbeat to 40 dance music and singsongs to get the party going. (more)


Performing regularly with the duo ‘The BROBOTS’ with Matthew Richenbacher of ‘MAPS’.  The duo is an added bonus with Matt’s background narmonies and ambient guitar leads. (more) Shawn also works with numerous other artists from accompaniment from percussionists, to drummers, bassists, and numerous keyboard players and other guitar players/vocalists to add to the live duo show to appeal to any room and genre.

The Shawn Steinhart Band

A 4 piece band with:
Adam O’Connor – Drums
James Stacey – Bass
Matthew Richenbacher – Lead Guitar/Backup Vox


Shawn has over the years performed and written originals with various artists alongside his Writing Partner & Emcee Johnny Ohm aka Daniel Sheehan. (more)

Performance Dates:

Sept 3 – Kenzington Dunlop – Barrie  10pm
Sept 5 – The North Restaurant – Barrie 8pm
Sept 6 – Bier Markt – On The Esplanade – Toronto 10pm (Band)
Sept 7 – Kenzington Dunlop – Barrie  10pm (Duo)
Sept 10 – Kenzington Dunlop – Barrie  10pm
Sept 11 – Milestone’s – Barrie 7pm
Sept 13 – Night Owl – Toronto 10pm
Sept 14 – Homestead Bakery – Barrie 10am
& Ol West Wing – Mapleton Barrie 8pm
Sept 17 – Kenzington Dunlop – Barrie  10pm
Sept 21 – Tap & Tankard – Whitby 10pm (Band)
Sept 24 – Kenzington Dunlop – Barrie  10pm
Sept 26 – Market & Co. Upper Canada Mall – Newmarket 5pm
Sept 27 – Gustav Chop House – Collingwood 7:30pm
Sept 28 – McReilys – Barrie 10pm